Laundry Room and Playroom

A few weeks ago I was contacted by Pat at Safe Harbor in Carlisle asking if I would shoot two more scenes of my Houseless Beautiful series for the PA Housing Alliance to be on display in the State Capital.  After talking with her and the folks at the Housing Alliance, I said I would be glad to and asked if they had anyone in mind that would be good models.   Enter Micky, a Vietnam Veteran that worked with homeless vets in the 80’s and recently found himself homeless.  He is back on his feet now, and a super amazing person!  Talking to him really inspired me and my crew that helped on the set.   We ended up shooting “Laundry Room” outside of my studio, since the neighbor was trashing the washer and dryer.

After the wild October snowstorm I was able to shoot “Playroom” behind Safe Harbor.  I love the expression on the girls face.    Big thanks to Pat and Becky at Safe Harbor and Liz at PA Housing Alliance!


What do you think about each photo?  Comment below!  Make sure you check out the Capital Rotunda November 14-November 18 to see the photos.

Houseless Beautiful / Laundry Room by James Rasp

Houseless Beautiful / Playroom by James Rasp

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4 Responses to “Laundry Room and Playroom”

  1. Kelly Gallo says:

    Wonderful concept….and beautiful photos James! Great job. Keep it up brother.

  2. Jen says:

    I LOVE the little girl. My favorite of the series, especially with the melting snow adding to the harsh conditions.

  3. Jennifer says:

    Digging the strength captured through simplicity. Terrifically powerful!

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